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Gain the skills you need for the business you want. Designed to give you a competitive edge in the business world, our courses will allow you to directly apply what you’re learning, as well as help you prepare for the next step in your business life.

Grant Research & Developing A Successful Proposal

Strategic and specific grant writing helps align the identified needs of a nonprofit (and its clients) with funding sources, whether foundations, government agencies, corporations or individuals.

How To Start A Nonprofit Organization From A-Z

Learn the basic requirements to become an official tax exempt nonprofit organization in any State. Through this interactive course, students will access the needed websites, download forms required and fill out the paperwork as you go. Your Instructor will provide step by step instructions to walk students through the entire process.

Golf for Business & Life 101

Welcome to the world of golf! You have come to right place to “Get Golf Ready”. This 101 online course has been designed to give you the foundational information that you will need to begin your golf journey efficiently to play the game.

Be a Mogul With Your Own Media Business

Starting your own media business gives you a chance to make a true impact in the world. Everyone has a story. Not everyone has a story-teller. This is your opportunity to learn how to profit by telling stories they way they were meant to be. How much light can you shine? How much hope can you bring? How many people can you impact for the better?

Let's Get Women Owned Small Business Certified

Having your Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) certification is a great start to positioning your company for contracts that are only open women owned businesses in which you must owned 51% of your company.

How to Grow and Expand Your Business into Global Markets

We use our expertise in commercial law to position your company into the global markets and offer you access global trade markets to increase your earning potential and influence.

Executive Coaching 1.0

Do you want to learn how to become an executive coach? Whether it’s because you’re craving more of a leadership role, or you want to help transform people’s lives, becoming an executive coach is an excellent option.

Master Your Mind & Watch Your Wishes Fulfilled

The entire foundation for becoming a better entrepreneur, content creator, spouse, parent, author, investor, etc. relies entirely on the frequency your mind is stationed. Your individual mind is the only thing that can never be stripped from you. Your titles, designations, marital status, careers...literally anything tangible is never promised to you, or anyone, tomorrow.

Communication: The New Currency to Wealth

Learning to attract and influence as well as communicate with people begins with your own mindset. This course will teach you to create a list of people you want to influence and to determine what they value.

Mastering the Art of Iconic Leadership

Learn the power secrets of some of the world’s most iconic leaders and how to master the art of iconic leadership. The course will help you harness your own inner power and natural wisdom to access the impactful leader in you.

Creating a Successful Podcast

What does success look like when it comes to podcasting? For some it's generating leads for their business, for others it's monetizing the content. Whatever your reason is for wanting to launch a podcast, this course will provide you with actionable deliverables to help you create a successful podcast.

Opening a Real Estate Business

So, you want to be a Real Estate Broker and open your own Real Estate busiParagraphness? What are the pros and cons of owning a Brokerage and the pathway to having your Real Estate Firm?

The Banker's Guide to Business Credit and Loans

The recession is here, and the reality is some businesses will still be standing strong and thriving a year or two from now and many more won’t. Which one will you be? What is the difference between the businesses that dominate in economic winter and those who merely survive?

Financial Education: What They Didn’t Teach You In School

This course addresses principles and the process of strategic financial planning (determining directions) for individuals, and organizations, large or small.

Becoming a Person of Influence

Whatever your vocation or aspiration, you can increase your impact on others by Becoming a Person of Influence. Overstanding not just continuing to understand Leadership of self and others. For C-suite and beyond.

The One-Stop Business Toolbox

Equipping business professionals with the optimal tools necessary to transform their companies from being business operators to business owners.


Are you Grant Ready? Download a copy of The 7 Point Checklist before you apply for federal, corporate or foundation funding.

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